Concluding statement from the permanent comission on ecology and climate change

Sunday 10 August 2008 by Antoine

1. The present crisis of capitalism expresses itself in the most horrible way in the crisis of the climate. A crisis that threatens the life and welfare of millions of people all over the globe, but especially the poor, the indigenous communities, women and workers.

We consider the struggle against climate change to be a struggle against capitalism, and we consider this struggle one of the most important opportunities to confront capitalism and aid in the construction of a socialist society.

2. We urge all sections to start organized work in order to construct climate movements and we propose 4 central points in this work:
- That the movements are autonomous in order to secure the broadest possible participation and avoid the dangers of sectarian moralism.
- That the movements take a clear stand on the social aspect of climate change, recognizing for example that the present crisis have been imposed on the countries of the Global South by the West.
- That we combine the construction of broad popular movements with the construction of radical action networks, which supplement each other. A good example of this, is seen in the way civil disobedience actions have created debates which have fueled the participation in broader movements as in Brittain and Sweden.
- That the movements focus on the mobilization towards the 2009 Climate-summit in Copenhagen. We take note that some bureaucrats have humour as the summit is placed on the 10th anniversary of the WTO summit in Seattle, which was a great eventfor the global justice movement.

We ask all comrades to help make the 2009 summit strengthen the hopes of the movements like it was done 10 years before.

3. We ask all sections to come to the European Social Forum in Malmö in order to discuss and develop the forms of actions and protests at the summit and to take steps in the construction of international networks of the climate movement.

4. Next years camp will be an important place for all of us to make a halfway balance on these projects. This is why we encourage that:

- There will be a whole day on ecology and climate change next year.
- The evaluation meeting in Paris and the preparation meeting in Amsterdam discuss on how to experiment with a more sustainable camp. In particular with the sorting of trash, the cooking of food and other activities that are tied to the climate movement.

5. We have made a mailing list, that we will use to coordinate the mobilizations towards Copenhagen and develop suggestionsfor next years camp.

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