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Wednesday 27 August 2008 by Antoine


- Greece
- France
- Italy
- Portugal
- Spanish State
- Mexico

The permanent commision calls out for a higher participation of the northern Europe sections, even more when one of the aims is to build a real Student’s European Forum and not just a "Mediterranean Forum"


The commision held five meetings, which had the following structure:

a) Report of the situation in each country

b) Debate on student organization structures

The italian comrades asked for a debate on this issue, as they are driving a process of constitution of an all-italian student union. The Spanish state comrades are also starting a similar process, so the debate was quite useful. We discussed about the nature of student union work, and about the way of democratically organizing a union, and also about how to drive such a process starting by already existing structures (the colletivi for the italian comrades, associations, assemblies in the Spanish state)

The great experience in student unioning of the french comrades was very useful in this discussion.

c) Coordination for 2008-2009

  • The Student’s European Forum will participate in the World Social Forum (Malmö, 17-21 September 2008) through a workshop called "Student struggle and student organization", which will be organised together with other student organizations. We agree on several aims of our involvement in this workshop
    • Promote the Student’s European Forum
    • Establish contact with other Europe student organizations and to try and coordinate with us in the SEF, to build a real Student’s European Forum and not just a "Mediterranean Forum"
    • Look for the support of social organizations and namely workers unions in the forthcoming struggles against the Bologna process.
  • We will use the occasion of the SEF to hold a coordination and preparation meeting of the next Student’s European Forum, with two main aims:
    • Coordinate descentralized student actions in the Global Student’s Day (17th November)
    • Evaluation of the organization of the next SEF. To decide whether it is possible to do it in Leuven, Belgium, during the next education ministers summit in 2009, or either to look for another plan. If it is not finally held in Leuven, we will propose for it to be in a country where we have a strong section.

If we decide to do it in Leuven, we will consider having another previous preparation meeting.

In either case, during the ministers summit we will try to organize student protest actions.

To write a call to struggle that can be used in the different countries.

d) Web and mailing lists

  • During the last year the website of the Student’s European Forum has started to work, At this moment it has Italian, Catalonian, Castillian, English and French sections.
  • This site can be very helpful:
    • To centralise and spread information about the european student movement,
    • To structure an international team that takes in charge the updating of the website, and therefore pays attention to the SEF,
    • To contact other student groups throughout Europe, and build in this way the SEF
  • For all this to be possible, it is necesary that the different sections compromise to send short news about the movement in their countries, and to translate to their languages the news thar are published.

The best would be that in each country one or two people took in charge the updating of the web.

To be able to publish in the web site, write a mail to Teresa of Cádiz (Espacio Revolucionario Andaluz)

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