Attempt for occupying the greek consulate in paris and a text that could clear up the situation

Wednesday 10 December 2008 by Antoine

Today in Paris there was a second attempt for the occupation of the consulate of the greek embassy. What has happenned is that there were two different initiatives and we didn’t know each other until yesterday. The other initiative yesterday tried to occupy the consulate, but they were few and the police was there, so they didn’t do anything finally. But they announced it in a greek site, so we contacted with them and we all participated in the reunion that we had organised for yesterday evening. there were 100 people in the reunion yesterday so we decided to make a new attempt for occupying the consulate today (we didn’t call for the french comrades because we thought it would be better not to start announcig that we were going to occupy the greek consulate by phone or by mail).

it is worth mentioning that such initiatives have took place and continue in many countries, as giorgos said in london there were arrests also.

in the morning the police was already in front of the consulate, as well as a "responsible" from the consulate. we didn’t manage to stay all together, as we had decided that the first 20 people would enter as "clients" and then they would open the door to the rest. Unfortunately, thay didn’t open the door even to the first ones and as a result we split at two, those who managed to enter the building, but not the consulate and those who were outside the building. the police also entered the building with the first secretaire of the greek embassy. we stood there for a couple of hours (the police tried but didn’t manage to make us get out), while the comrades who were out of the building distributed the text that we had prepared. finally we decided that we all should get out, stand outside the consulate and stay there at least until 14.00 (the hour of the funeral in greece). the good thing is that even if we did not manage to occupy the consulate, there were media there and we also communicated with media in greece. from what we have learnt the embassys and consulates all across eu are being protected by the local police.

I send you the text that we have written (unfortunately it is in french and for the next hours we really need to warm ourselves a little bit as it we were standing in the snow (and we come from greece, so it was not trivial for us!!). but I think that the text can clear the situation up a little bit.


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