RPM-M KKK conducted Red Youth School; Prepared for the FI Camp and the IIRE Youth School

Wednesday 21 January 2009 by Committee for Red Education

RPM-M KKK conducted Red Youth School; Prepared for the FI Camp and the IIRE Youth School The Katipunan ng mga Kabataang Kadre or KKK (Young Caders’ Conference or YCC) of the Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa – Mindanao or RPM-M (Revolutionary Workers Party - Mindanao) conducted its yearly Revolutionary Youth School in the countryside in Mindanao. The said activity, which was attended by 14 new youth activists from the legal youth organizations, was held in the Guerilla Base Front A, Area 11 of its army the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army (RPA) in the last two (2) weeks of December 2008. The RPM-M which is the section of the Fourth International (FI) in the Philippines, is based and mainly active in the Islands of Mindanao. It uses Marxism and Leninism and rejected Maoism and Stalisnism in the conduct of its task of building socialism in the country along with the various allied and pluralists revolutionary movements in the world. The RPA is the armed wing of the RPM-M and is on active defense mode using the Politico-Militar framework, rejecting the militarists and Facist orientation. The KKK is the conference of the young cader’s with the bulk of its memberhip are leading youth activists in the legal, underground and combined lines of work. The Revolutionary Youth School, which is called Pulang Paaralan para sa Kabataan or Red School for the Youth is conducted in order to provide a conjusive venue for the new potential Party Members among the youth activists for discussions on the basic courses on Marxism, Leninism, revolutionary theories and practices and other Party Courses. The venue of the activity is intentionally choosen to be in the RPA Base, not just to give time to the youth activists to spend time with the armed comrades, but also for security reasons against the agent of the state, since revolutionary movements in the Philippines are not recognized and deemed illegal in the country. Thus, discussions such as this one and reference materials are not openly and legally available. In the different base of the RPM-M, underground activities and reference materials are secured and available because of the security provided by the RPA and the unwavering support provided by the masses. The activity served as a consolidating activity, politically and ideologically, for the new underground activists. The participants are expected to take more active roles in their respective legal organizations. They are expected to provide the necessary leadership in their respective organizations in order for it not to fall under reformism, but with respect and due consideration to the internal dynamics of these legal organizations. They are also expected to help in the expansion of the underground network among potential youth activists in their respective organizations. The Red School is also a preparation for all the young comrades for a possible attendace to the Fourth International Revolutionary Camp and the Youth School in the International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE) in Amsterdam. The KKK elects every year atmost three (3) young comrades to represent the Party and the KKK in the said activities in Europe. Since 2004, the RPM-M has been sending its youth caders to attend to the said European activities and to be exposed with the struggles of the different sections of the FI. This practice is proven to be rewarding and effective in shaping further the consciousness and commitment of the young caders of the Party as well as in propagating the struggle of Mindanao to the international community and gaining solidarity from comrades and allies outside the country. Sending delegates to European activities entails tedious preparations. One major aspect of preparations, aside from psychological and ideological, is the financial aspect. The RPM-M and the KKK, thus calls upon comrades and symphatizers from all over the world for solidarity to help us send delegates for the coming European activities in 2009.



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