Camp program 2009

Monday 1 June 2009 by Antoine

time Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8h-9h30 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9h-10h delegation delegation delegation delegation delegation delegation
10h-11h forum Capitalism crisis, economic & ecologic aspect : -what the economic crisis & social consequences (ee) -ecological crisis & consequences (klaüs RSB) forum -EU refugy policy (gr) -60 years of NATO (fr) internationalism vs imperialism : -solidarity to palestine (br) forum Feminism : -women & crisis (gr) -self-organisation (it) -violence (p) forum LGBT : -transgender (fr) -fight for equal rights (mariage) (ee) -a radical strategy in LGBT movement (p) forum -revolt in grece (gr) -G8 in italy (it) Youth & social movement : -struggle for public services in ee (ee) educational strategy, party and movement (fr)
11h-12h30 ecology worshops educational -internationalist answer Imperialism & internationalism : (gr) -theorical explanation, link with capitalism educational (based on FI document) climate change & ecosocialism : (mareka ?) educational patriarcal oppression : (p) -origin of family & patriarcal system educational youth in class struggle (Felice Montti it) Strategy workshops
13h-14h lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch/spaces
12h45-14h Women space lgbt space women space excursion and permanent worshops if they want and lgbt space if they want women space
14h30-16h workshop Capitalism, Crisis (12) Racist policy (government policy in the crisis) (I/GR) Workers organisations within the crisis (G/DK) Capitalism and mental health (GB) The crisis and the attacks on workers rights (I) Socialists answer to the crisis (F) the 1929 economic crisis (F) attack against democratic rights and repression against youth (EE/gr) State monitoring of the population (G) economical crisis in East Europe(if they join) (R/PL) EU’s policy towards the crisis (economical/immigrants/ar my) (GR) Revolutionary crisis (F) Occupation of factories (F) worshops Internationalism (11) Guadeloupe-Martinique (F) Latin America(Bolivia, Venezuela) (EE/I) Macedonia-Kossova-Balkans (GR) Cyprous-Turkey (GR) The national question (The Basque country) (EE) Gaza (GB) USA Obama (F) Georgia-war on Caucasus (GR/R) Phillipines (if phillipino comrades come) (PH) Die Linke in germany, links with party de gauche (F/G) Maoism in india and nepal (G/GR) worshops Feminism (11) Racism homophobia and sexism on the left (GR) Racist policy justified by womens security (I) Triple oppression Kounevas example (GR) Womens self organisation and seperatism (DK) Women in movements (I) Media, sexuality and women (GR) Different currents of feminism (F) Strategy for womens liberation (DK) abortion (EE/P ?) Gender and climate (SWE) Practical feminism in an organisation (DK) workshops Social Movements (11) The development of the far right across europe (G/EE/I) Structure of the student movement and self organisation (EE/F) Ten Years of fighting the bologna process (GR/I) Socialist Policy on drugs (GB/P) Euthanasia (P) The revolts in greece (GR) History of trade unions (DK) Football and class struggle (DK) Revolt of the prisoners (GR) Precarious youth workers (specific example of struggle?) (EE) Urban movements (GR) delegation
16h-17h permanent worshops/rest permanent worshops/rest permanent worshops/rest permanent worshops/rest coordination meeting & packing & cleaning
17h-18h30 f. Sabado (fr) Educational : Economic crisis & basic marxism interdelegation meeting women space interdelegation meeting lgbt space LGBT worshops interdelegation meeting lgbt space
18h30-20h delegation delegation delegation delegation delegation closing rally
20h-21h30 dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner
21h30-22h15 Openning Rally : -greek political situation (gr) -"it’s not to us to pay the crisis" (gr) -presentation of the camp (gr) LGBT sp (it) women sp (gr) no rally & lgbt space international solidarity : -turkey -guadeloupe -russia -philippines Feminist : - Kouneva (gr) -presentation of the party (space) LGBT : -presentation of the party (space) -why build new party ? (it) Build new party to change the world ! -active in class struggle, GS and revolution : the best way to socialism ! (fr)
22h30-2h disco disco disco disco disco disco

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Camp program

1 June 2009
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