Programme 2010

Saturday 8 May 2010 by Antoine

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crisis and internationalism ecology class, gender, identity class, gender, identity class gender race strategy
08.00-09.30 breakfast
09.30-10-00 delegation meeting
10.00-12.00 workshops 1.Marxist Economic Theory (GB+F) 2.China’s new economical role(G) 3.The oppressed nation in the spanish state (EE) 4.Finance capital and European Union (Gr+EE+P) 5.Teheran (I) 6.Palestine (Gr?) 7.Haiti and the new colonialism (F) 8. Economical crisis and the crisis of the left (I) 9. Crisis and revolutionary process (F) 10. Our answer to multinational enterprises (DK) 1.Ecosocialism vs negative growth (EE+P) 2.Nuclear danger (Ger) 3.From Cochabamba to Latina: the struggle against privatization of common goods (I) 4.Copenhagen Summit (DK) 5.COP 16 in Mexico (Dk+M?) 6.Marxism and Ecology (Swe) 7.Food sovereignty and ecological agriculture (EE) 8.Vegetarianism (Ger) 9.Renewable resources and green economic (Gr) 1.The role of family (Gr) 2.The right policies and the Vatican (I) 3.Self organization and strategy in women’s struggle (Gr) 4.Migrant women between work and oppression (Philippines or I) 5.Women, religion and movements (Fr) 6.Beauty norms (Ger) 7.Women, precariousness,intimidation by the boss (Gr) 8.The contradiction of feminism and heterosexual relations (I) 9.Marxism and sexual revolution(F) 10.Different kinds of feminism (F+EE) 1.Sex work in India (I) 2.Queer theory (N) 3.”Ghetto” or community?(P) 4.TransDepathologization-European campaign (I+P?) 5.The roots of sexual oppression (F+Gr) 6.Sex and gender role (F) 7.Lgbit,Islam and migration (DK) 8.Lgbit and political organizations (I) 1. Institutional racism/social racism (I) 2.Strategies of the new far right (SW+N) 3.From Vienna to Madrid:for a European students network (I+EE) 4.Islamophobia and racism (N) 5. New working class and migrants (SW) 6.Youth oppressive institutions (G+F) 7.How to organize students struggles (G+F) 8.Undocumented migrants (F+EE) 9.Social struggles in Andaluzia (EE) 10.Youth struggles in Greece (Gr) 11.The struggles for marijuana legalization (P) 1.Social networks and mass comunication-Online activism (P+I) 2.Party,class and united front (G+I) 3.Fourth International congress and the building of anticapitalist parties (P+F) 4.Poum and the Fourth International (EE) 5.Latifundios,land reform (EE) 6. Pedagogy and revolution (EE) 7.Transition program in the 21st century (F) 8.Permanent revolution (F) 9.General strike as a revolutionary strategy (G) 10.Reform or revolution (I- workshop held by Franco Turigliatto) 11.Revolution and state/workers and self management (F) cleaning- toilets
12.00-13.00 women’s space presentation women’s space (I,G, F) women’s plenary session presentation women’s party workshop: women’s body within power relations (?) feminism, women’s struggle, common strategies (F) Lgbt-women: joint discussion how to destroy specific oppression (G, F)- (I,P) balance sheet
12.45-13.45 lunch
13.00-14.00 lgbit space presentation lgbit space (I, P, EE?) gender identity (SW, DK) mainstream lgbit organisations and pink market (P?) presentation lgbit party Lgbit- women: joint discussion how to destroy specific oppression balance sheet
14.00-15.00 interdelegation meeting delegation meeting
15.00-16.00 permanent workshops
16.00-17.30 delegation meeting coordination and cleaning-camp
17.30-18.00 Coffee break
18.00-19.30 Educational Crisis from an historical prospective - (F) ecosocialism vs green capitalism? (esther vivas EE) Class,gender,identity. Class composition (I) class cosciousness and self-organization felice mometti Excursion / alternative football match build anticapitalist parties to change the world (salvatore cannavo’ and sabado) cleaning- toilets
19.30-21.00 dinner
21.00-22.30 rally Opening Rally: italian political situation (I), presentation of the camp (I) ,international situation(F) Fourth international (FI) women space (Gr), lgbit space (P) Social struggles against the crisis- -Gigi Malabarba (I) , Bologna Process-Vienna-Madrid ( EE) ,Migrant struggles(?) (F) Greek struggles against the crisis (GR) , Philippines, Latin America , other international speech (israelians against occupation?) From seattle to copenhagen:a new ecology mouvement?- Emiliano Viti (I),struggles against climate change (SW), Copenhagen(DK),struggles against the privatization of common goods (I), Cochabamba (LA) Feminism and anticapitalism: a strange marriage. ( Flavia D’Angeli), National identity and islamhophobia(DK),Our bodies-our rights (F), Women won’t pay this crisis(Gr), presentation of the party Which rights for lgbit people? (Sergio) (P) ?), Sex and power (I), presentation of the party For an anticapitalist left-dedicated to Daniel Bensaid. Bloco (P), Pakistan(Faruk), Izquierda anticapitalista,(Josep- Maria), Npa, Sinistra Critica (Piero Maestri) Closing rally:balance sheet of the camp (I) next camp (P or F), conclusions from permanent workshops and spaces, Counter summit against Nato (P) Bar closed
22.30-02.00 disco/party women’s party lgbit party bar closes at1.30
Permanent Workshops: 1.Ecology (B+DK+GB) 2.Work and crisis/New workers (G+P) 3.University students (F+G+I) 4.High school students (F+I) 5.Antiracism (F) 6.Latin America (EE+LA) 7.Anti-NATO (P)
Practical Workshops (starting the 27th july) 1.Civil disobedience (G+DK) 2.Revolutionary sogns (F+P) 3.Feminist self-defence (F)-women’s space


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