Plenary and Educational on broad anti-capitalist parties‏ Contribution on behalf of the greek delegation [OKDE-Spartakos, greek section of the FI]

Tuesday 23 August 2011 by Antoine

In Greece there are two recomposition projects, which perhaps are similar in the form, but give very different answers to the question “how to build an anticapitalist party in the period”.

The first one, SYRIZA, includes a main reformist party (Synaspismos), which dominates politically, and other smaller far left organizations. Our recomposition project, ANTARSYA, includes 8 radical left organizations (in which the revolutionary ideas hegemonize) and militants who don’t belong to any of these organizations. We have now 2000 militants, more or less.

There are also some political preconditions in ANTARSYA, which differentiate us from other projects of unity without principles, like SYRIZA. These are:
- our independence from institutions
- our opposition against reformism and any governmental perspective that doesn’t come in rupture with capitalism

Despite that elections are not the ultimate criterium, it’s quite indicatory of the dynamics that ANTARSYA has, that in the regional elections of last fall, we achieved 2% of the votes, when, until then, the biggest percentage of the radical left has been 0.5%.

In the political level, there is also a good dynamic. For example, when the crisis started, ANTARSYA was the only visible political formation to adopt the demand of cancellation of the debt, which was quite marginal at the beginning, but now it is being adopted by more and more parts of the working class and the movement, including the Syntagma Square general assembly.

Of course there are contradictions, as the different traditions or the lack of democratic culture and also there is not a total program, but we, as OKDE, are trying to overpass these problems through debates, solid political intervention and proposals.

The first conference of ANTARSYA will take place in October, in order to decide our organizational structure and political agreement. Nobody thinks that we can transform ANTARSYA into a party right now, but nevertheless, we will work towards building it in democratic basis, where the autonomy of different organizations/tendencies will be respected and in the same time we will have a common program. Our goal is ANTARSYA to make politics for itself too and to adopt revolutionary positions, overpassing the internal weaknesses. We are totally engaged in building ANTARSYA, as we consider this to be one of our main tasks of the period.

In any case, ANTARSYA, given its organization form and its political composition, isn’t the final goal, but a very useful tool to implement ourselves in the working class, which should be the central task of such projects. We consider the project of anticapitalist recomposition to be a social procedure; so there is more to it, than just bringing the anticapitalists together.

The discussion on strategy remains always open, both in the FI and in ANTARSYA. For us, the goal is to build a real revolutionary party that will be able to change the relation of forces and lift the influence that socialdemocracy and reformism have in the labour movement.

We realize of course, that in different national cases, the ways to build such a party could be various, but we still need a revolutionary party that will be able to serve as a leadership of the working class and its allies, in the revolutionary processes that are to come.

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