Invitation to the 3rd Students’ European Forum

Athens - Greece, 19-21 October 2007

Sunday 16 September 2007 by Antoine

We write you on behalf of the coordination committee of the Students’ European Forum (S’EF) to invite you to the next S’EF, which will take place next October 19, 20 and 21st in Athens.

The S’EF is a Forum formed in the little village of Bakaiku by several student organizations and collectives on March ’06, our first goal was to create a net of the different organizations opposing the new EHEA (European High Education Area), or as it’s also known, Bologna Process (BP). More than 150 students and 15 organizations took part on that meeting, where the Bakaiku Declaration was agreed. That declaration was a ideological basis for the Forum, signed by students coming from all around Europe, It was assumable for every left tendency and organization present.

It was clear for us that further meetings were needed, that a European level Forum was possible on the basis we have agreed, so we made another call, Paris October ’06. The participation didn’t grow, some organizations couldn’t come, the contact with some others was lost; but new ones attended the call. In Paris we discussed about several things, struggles, organization, next forums… And agreed The Paris Call, which called on local resistance against neoliberalism and its attacks as our fighting method, for European action days were possible but not real, and the application of the BP was different in each state.

In Paris was also decided that a coordination committee must join before the next Forum, in order to make a more serious call, to define a preliminary sketch of the Forum and solve the different problems we had found on the first Forums. That committee met last May, a lot of work was done and its members took different tasks. Now, September ’07, most of the tasks are finished, a webpage will be ready soon; the sketch of next Forums debates is ready; different logos have been designed and will be taken to the Forum and a little questionnaire about the situation of education in each state has been written and translated. Lot of work has been done; we send attached

both the schedule and the questionnaire. We send you also link to both the Paris Call and Bakaiku Declaration, and a little list of different organizations that have already taken part of this Forum.

Our goal is to take as many organizations as possible to Athens, out of maximum or minimum debates, trying to forget about sectarism, Just making an effort to have a meeting were the anticapitalist students’ organizations can change experiences, points of view, analysis... so everyone could be enriched.

It will be interesting to co-ordinate our struggles, we know that there is no one day and method that we will all agree (General strike 14th May for example), but there could be always a coordination, to know what is going on around us and trying to fix dates to make the student struggle as wide and spread as possible.

Finally, we know that Greece could be far away and economical costs may be high and some organizations could find it hard to send a delegation; but in any case we will be grateful if you could fill the questionnaire and send it back to us. Of course we’ll make efforts to meet with you latter on or send you reports on the Forum.

Coordination Committee Students’ European Forum

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