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Plenary and Educational on broad anti-capitalist parties‏ Contribution on behalf of the greek delegation [OKDE-Spartakos, greek section of the FI] (Greece)

Tuesday 23 August 2011 by Antoine
In Greece there are two recomposition projects, which perhaps are similar in the form, but give very different answers to the question “how to build an anticapitalist party in the period”. The first one, SYRIZA, includes a main reformist party (Synaspismos), which dominates politically, and (...)

Sources and Dynamics of the Revolt (Greece)

Resolution of the Greece section of the Fourth International
Sunday 1 February 2009 by Antoine

Down with the government of murderers!

Common statement of anti-capitalist left organizations (Greece)

Wednesday 17 December 2008 by Antoine

The organizations of the Greek anticapitalist Left : ARAN (Left Recomposition), ARAS (Left Anticapitalist Group), EKKE (Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece), EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party), OKDE, OKDE-Spartacus (4th International), SEK (Socialist Workers Party), NAR-N.K.A. (New Left Current-Youth Communist Liberation), K.O. Anasyntaxi (Communist Organization Regroupment), K.A. (Communist Renewal), EN.ANTI.A (United Anticapitalist Left), ME.R.A. (Front of Radical Left)

Attempt for occupying the greek consulate in paris and a text that could clear up the situation (Greece)

Wednesday 10 December 2008 by Antoine
Today in Paris there was a second attempt for the occupation of the consulate of the greek embassy. What has happenned is that there were two different initiatives and we didn’t know each other until yesterday. The other initiative yesterday tried to occupy the consulate, but they were few and (...)

Report about the greek student movement (sept 2006-june 2007) (Greece)

Sunday 16 September 2007 by Antoine
After the emerge of the student movement of May – June of 2006 against the governmental initiative (which reach more than 405 occupied faculties in a total number of 417) for the reform of the administration law of the public Universities, this year we had again a mass student revolt against the (...)

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