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The birth of a new underground, revolutionary, socialist youth Society in Mindanao! (Philippines)

Thursday 18 February 2010 by Antoine
Statement of the Katipunan ng mga Kabataang Kadre (KKK) during its founding Congress, November 26-30, 2009 at Camp Tếz of the Lumad Guerillas in Maguindanao Our time has come! Take the Banner and Intensify the Revolution! The history of all existing societies is a history of class struggle. (...)

RPM-M KKK conducted Red Youth School; Prepared for the FI Camp and the IIRE Youth School (Philippines)

Wednesday 21 January 2009 by Committee for Red Education

An article about the recent Red Youth School of the of the revolutionary Worker’s Party - Mindanao

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The MOA-AD: A genuine effort for Peace in Mindanao, or a ploy for GMA’s survival? (Philippines)

RMP-M, Revolutionary Worker’s Party-Mindanao, section of the Fourth International (FI)
Tuesday 26 August 2008 by Antoine
In the aftermath of Typhoon Frank when affected communities were barely able to return to their homes the situation in Central Mindanao had been liken to a volcano that was about to erupt in late June. Aside from the natural disaster, like other citizens nationwide, the Mindanao populace was (...)

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