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2001 - Italy

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Presentation of the camp 2001 (2001 - Italy)

Drawing the lessons, by Cinzia Arrucca
Thursday 1 May 2008 by Antoine

This year the international camp for revolutionary youth organized for the past 18 years at the initiative of the Fourth International in Europe will take place in Italy, near Rome, from Sunday July 22 to Saturday July 28, 2001. This will be an opportunity for hundreds of militant youth to draw the lessons of the mobilizations against capitalist globalisation - following the big mobilization of July 21 against the G-8 summit in Genoa - and to debate what "other world is possible" as an alternative to the barbarism of senile capitalism. Livio Maitan, a long-time leader of the Fourth International and its Italian section, will open the camp alongside young comrades from Italy on the evening of Sunday, July 21. A week of debates, education and fêtes will end with a big meeting on Saturday July 28.

IV spoke to Cinzia Arrucca, one of the organizers of the camp.

Balancesheet of the camp 2001 (2001 - Italy)

Youth against capitalist globalisation, by Penelope Duggan
Thursday 1 May 2008 by Antoine

Plans to hold the 18th camp of youth organizations in solidarity with the Fourth International in Italy were first made in 1998. Initially the idea was to build on the work done by comrades in the Bandiera Rossa current of the Giovani Comunisti (the youth organization of the Party of Communist Refoundation - PRC) by giving them an opportunity to introduce the Fourth International in flesh and blood to their sympathizers and also to introduce their political work inside this mass youth organization to young people from other countries.

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