International Revolutionary Youth Camp


Monday 5 October 2009 by Antoine

Revolutionary Greetings to all the comrades from the Fourth International, sympathizers and camp participants from the Young Cadres’ Conference and the Youth Commission of the RWPM.

Since 2004, the RWPM was able to send young comrades to the international camps in Europe despite the difficulties in terms of technical, financial and security considerations. We face these considerations as revolutionaries because we know that the experiences and the lessons that our young comrades will learn are priceless and very important for our international revolution. Moreover, it is our opportunity to share our practical experiences and our struggle as a whole and ask your solidarity, once again.

The situation in the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao has become worst. With the global capitalists’ crisis, the imperialists and the monopoly capitalists in the country have strengthened their exploitation in order to gain more profit and preserve their luxurious lifestyle. Prices of basic commodities are still very high for the workers. Basic services, like health and education, are still very bad and being politicized to serve the interests of the politicians. Filipino workers and young professionals are increasingly going out of the country for a better life as servants abroad, creating a brain-drain. The United States are strengthening their control over Mindanao by bringing in more U.S. soldiers and working with the elite leaders in Mindanao in order to safeguard their interest on the petroleum and mineral deposits in the island.

Further, the government is on its way for a total selling out of our resources because they are trying to amend our constitution so that Foreign Monopoly Capitalist can own properties like thousands of hectares of land. If this will not be stopped, the Filipino people will become squatters in their own country!

In Mindanao, almost every day bombs are exploding, killing innocent civilians. We have bases to say that these criminal acts are done by the government in order to create chaos and have good reasons to declare a State of National Emergency so that they will stay in power even after the expiration of their term in 2010.

Aside from these situations, the Party is facing the damages done by former comrades who became traitors to the Revolution. They ally themselves with the government and became liquidationists by trying to destroy the Party by using their money. They try to mislead the people by preaching individualism, reformism and elitism. They even revealed to the government and to the public the identity of some of our underground cadres. They are no different now compared to the reactionary Capitalists!

Despite all these, our commitment is not weakened. The membership of the Party remained committed and the mass base remained solid. The leadership and the forces of our Guerilla, the Revolutionary Peoples’ Army (RPA) remained supportive to the Party. The Young Cadres became more active and bolder. Like a true revolutionary guerilla, we become more courageous when we are wounded! We are ready to offer our lives for the revolution!

We humbly congratulate the Fourth International, the organizers of this year’s camp, the revolutionary youth from different sections and the Greek Comrades for hosting the camp. Our attendance to this year’s International Youth Camp is dedicated to our latest Martyr, Comrade Joseph. He dedicated his life since he was young until he died at the age of 36 serving the revolution full-time. His death will add fuel to the revolutionary fire burning within our hearts!

Long live the RWPM! Long Live the Young Revolutionaries!
Long Live Internationalism! Long Live the Revolution!
Long live the Fourth International!

Secretary General, Youth Commission, RWPM


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