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Report from the 3rd Students’ European Forum

19th-21st October 2007, Athens - Greece
Wednesday 7 November 2007 by Antoine

In the 3rd meeting of the S’EF were present comrades from Basques Country, Catalonia, Castile, Portugal, France, Italy, German and Greece.

Respectively, the students’ organizations that were participated in the meeting -from abroad-were Ikasle Abertzaleak, SEPC, CEM of Madrid, students from Social and Human Sciences Faculty of the New University of Lisbon and Left Block, TUUD (tendancy in the France’s UNEF) and JCR, ‘coordinamento dei collettivi la Sapienza – Roma’.

The greek participations were the political organizations of: ARAN, ARAS, nKA, OKDE – Spartakos, OKDE – Ergatiki Pali. ARAN, ARAS, nKA and OKDE – Spartakos participate in ‘EAAK’ (or more precise: in the network of students’ collectives of EAAK) and ‘OKDE – Ergatiki Pali’ has its own student collective: ‘SSP’ (Socialist Student Struggle).

The meeting has been also attended by ‘KOE’ (and its student collective: ‘Left Collectives’) and ‘KOKKINO’ had also greeted the meeting.

About the decisions of the meeting

Trying to summarize the decisions we made in Athens I will point out some basic axes:

A] We confirm the suggested proposal of S’EF’s European Coordination Committee (which have been held in Valencia, 29th-30th April 2007) for launching a student European campaign against the implementation of Bologna Process in European Universities, in the third week of November 2007. This campaign will be held in local field.

We agreed about one basic, common slogan: ‘against European Higher Education Area – EHEA’ and one common logo (which is been attached in the e-mail).

B] We focused on the next EU-Summit of Education’s Ministers which will be held in Louvain of Belqium, March 2009. We decided to organize local mobilizations (demonstrations) against this EU-Summit of Education’s Ministers and addressing this campaign to every other student collective/organization and working union of education that is interesting for.

We took also the decision to organize the next (4th) meeting of the S’EF the same days with the days of the EU-Summit of Education’s Ministers and at the same place: Louvain of Belqium.

C] We agreed also to take same actions for the widest notification of our plans.

For that reason we are focusing to our participation in the next European Social Forum (ESF), in September 2008, in Malmo – Stockholm. We decided to co-organize (like student organizations/ associations on behalf of the S’EF) one workshop inside of the framework of Malmo ESF-2008 propagandizing our plans (local mobilizations against the next EU-Summit of Education and the organization of the 4th S’EF in Louvain, Belqium).

At the same time, we agreed that it is vital each one of us trying to notify every potential student collective/ association that would possibly be interesting to participate in our coordination. We set our goal the task of trying to expand (and also reaffirm) the European participations of our Student Forum until the next meeting of the S’EF.

We reassured out trust between of us for undertaking initiatives with the aim of the most possible expansion of our international links. Besides, we agreed keeping constantly communication between of us (through the e-mail list of the coordination committee) about all that future initiatives we are willing to take on.

D] For the best co-ordination of us until the next S’EF (that will be held not in one but in two years) we schedule 2 future meetings of S’EF’s European Coordination Committee.

The first one will take place somewhere between of April – May of 2008 with the task of organizing our participation in the next ESF, Malmo ESF-2008. We propose that the place of the meeting should be Rome, Italy. By this way we are focusing to a representative participation of all the delegations as also to a possible enrichment of the participations. For the final confirmation of the place of the meeting we are waiting one second answer from the Italians comrades.

The second meeting of the S’EF’s European Coordination Committee will take place in Louvain, Belqium somewhere between of December of 2008 – January of 2009. Aim of that meeting will be the final arrangements for the organization of the 4th S’EF that will take place 2-3 months after, in Louvain (find places, meet the people with whom we will work for the organization of the meeting, etc).

E] We decided to maintain (a) the e-mail list of the European coordination committee of the S’EF, which include representatively participations from the different delegations.

At the same time, we reaffirm the need and the importance of working (b) the e-mail list of the S’EF: the big and broad e-mail list of the S’EF where we will gather all the e-mail contacts we already have (from the different meetings, links etc). Aim of that list is to work like a European forum of students that are interesting to exchange experiences, information, announcements etc as well as place where we will be able to address actions, plans, calls, announcements of the S’EF to every one who is interested.

At last, we asked from the Italians comrades to examine the possibility of undertake –in collaboration with the Andalusia’s comrades- the function of the web site (as well as the e-mail lists) of S’EF. In case there is a problem with the Italians we will discuss the possibly availability of the Castilian comrades.

F] Unfortunately, working for the preparation of Athens’ S’EF we didn’t’ remember to fulfill the questionnaires… So, we recommend to all the delegations that attended the meeting to fulfill the questionnaire as quickly as possibly!

Attached documents

Athens text

7 November 2007
info document : Word
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SEF planing

7 November 2007
info document : Word
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